Back to school time can be tough on the little ones but can also be tough on the parents. Back into the routine of lunch boxes, uniforms, lost socks, half eaten lunches and a sudden inability for kids to even put their shoes on!

Here’s a couple of quick tips to make those first few weeks a little easier:

1. Prepare lunch food in advance

Make a big batch of muffins, frittatas, muesli slices, etc and freeze them in individually cut pieces. Pull one out of the freezer in the morning and it will be defrosted by lunch time. Better yet, teach the kids to do that task themselves.

2. Get up just that little bit earlier so there’s not so much rushing

I know this can be a tough task sometimes when you’re tired, but rushing and skipped breakfast makes everything worse for EVERYONE. Just 10 minutes extra in the morning can make a big difference.

3. Pack lunchboxes the night before

I know, I know, there’s so many things to do at night time, but here’s a tip – if you’re cutting up veggies for dinner, cut up a little extra at the same time for lunchboxes OR whatever you’re making, make a little extra for lunch tomorrow. If your kids are old enough for school, they’re old enough to pack their lunchbox as well. Have the kids pack it while you make dinner, so it’s not an extra task for you.

4. Think outside the box (pun intended!)

The typical sandwich and fruit lunchbox can get boring for kids and for you to make, but there are plenty of other options to keep it interesting, more nutritious and easier to prepare. Think of ideas such as mini meatballs, mini quiches, mini muesli bites (kids really do love mini pieces of things), olives, pickles. Talking about having a rainbow in their lunchbox is very encouraging. Asking questions like, how many colours do you have in there today? What else can we add in for a different colour?

Get the kids involved in the process, maybe even growing something of their own to take to school to eat.

Looking for more suggestions? There are loads of websites with recipes that are great for kids, just have a google and see what you find!

5. Support their emotions

Starting off a new year, a new grade, a new school can all be very daunting and for some kids it’s just a little too overwhelming. Australian Bush Flower Essences are such a gentle way to support what might going on for them to calm their fears and anxieties (it’s great for parents too!). You can get ready made ones such as Emergency Essence, or have a blend especially made for them (or you).