Today’s topic is about the unparalleled Metabolic Balance program. I am so excited to bring you this program through my clinic and wanted to give you a clear understanding of what it is, and how it can truly benefit you as an individual. Let’s start by taking a look at how the program is personalised to you.

A personalised program for you!

In a nutshell, Metabolic Balance is a nutritional program that is used to create strong metabolic health in your body. When you have good metabolic health, you have healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, optimal weight for your body and no blood sugar issues, among many other markers of great health. Epic energy, awesome sleep, great skin and hair, just to name a few.

The nutritional program you are prescribed with is created using 36 of your own personal blood values, which give a clear picture of your current state of metabolic and overall health. This highly individualised diet is filled with all the foods that suit your body. This means that no two people who do the program will be given the same plan. It’s totally unique to you, and because of this the results are astounding.

Your daily eating habits are readjusted to suit your body perfectly, and your practitioner is there to guide you every step of the way. All the elements necessary for you to achieve optimal health are covered in the program, allowing you to achieve your optimal wellbeing.

Why is food so important?

The food that you choose to eat creates the building blocks of your body and everything it encompasses. Your immunity, metabolism, hormonal health, mental health, digestive health and so much more are all created and maintained by the fuel that you put into your body.

When you have your bloods ran through the Metabolic Balance testing panel, you receive a blueprint of the foods that are right for your body at that particular point in time. When you start consuming these foods, and eliminating the ones that are causing you inflammation, pain, weight gain and other symptoms of poor health, your body begins to respond in incredibly positive ways.

As a Naturopath, I love the fact that the Metabolic Balance program does not involve any diet shakes, unhealthy snack bars, protein powders, heavy exercise, deprivation or the like. It is all purely food based. Good, healthy food that is easy to prepare and delicious as well.

Once you are putting the correct foods for you into your body, many facets of your health start to fall into place. We can then look on from this point and see what else needs to happen for your body to reach its ideal health.

Are there Supplements involved?

The Metabolic Balance program itself does not involve supplements. Instead, it is entirely based on food and lifestyle changes, which are done with the support of your Naturopath.

In saying this, some of my patients who do the program are on supplements. This is due to their individual health needs at the time. If you have a health concern that requires supplementation to balance out or heal your body, then you will have supplements whilst doing the metabolic balance program.

Like everything that I do as a Naturopath, it is based on your individual needs and not a cookie cutter protocol.

Overall, the main takeaways that I want you to understand about the program are:

1# Metabolic balance is completely personalised to you because it is based on your own unique blood test results. There are no cookie cutter protocols here.

2# It is food based, and you have the support and guidance needed to change your current eating habits to those which will support your wellbeing.

3# You will not see any diet shakes, protein powders, snack bars, heavy exercise or deprivation when completing Metabolic Balance. Instead, you can expect delicious, easy to prepare food, and full support from your Naturopath and Coach.

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