What our Clients say about Us

Testamonials from a few of my wonderful clients

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing knowledge and skills! I am so grateful that you offered to see me, at just a moments notice, to assist me to go into labour quickly, naturally and painlessly. Doctors believed I needed to have the baby in the next couple of days or he would be at great risk! I was uncertain that that was necessary but didn’t want to ignore their advice. It was two and half weeks before my due date, which I actually believed was already on the early side! I thought there was no way my body would start to labour naturally since my previous birth was at 42 weeks.  I was terrified of being induced synthetically at the hospital after a terrible experience with my first child. I felt that previously my body had been pushed into a labour, that it was not ready for and the labour was long, painful,  frightening and exhausting and I believe induction was not necessary.

When I turned to the team at the birthing centre I felt so comforted and so impressed by everyone’s knowledge and compassion and willingness to go the extra mile out of genuine care and concern. I thank you so much for your help Janelle for your fantastic remedy that help my body go into gentle labour on its own and for having a much more rewarding and beautiful birthing experience.

 I had no idea that naturopathy could be so quick and effective in such a short space of time! “

– Lisa


“Forget hot curries and bumpy car rides, Janelle’s Labour Mix helped kick start my labour like nothing else I’ve ever tried”

– Alanna


“Janelle’s advice & guidance was invaluable when I sought her help to alleviate low energy and severe morning sickness. Her ability to pin point exactly what was going on, plus sending me for tests to prove what she already knew, gave me unwavering confidence in her ability. Her holistic approach made it easy for me to make small changes to my diet, lifestyle & emotional wellbeing. Add in Janelle’s easy manner and calm presence, makes her an exceptional naturopath. She is gift to all woman and I highly recommend her.”




“Janelle has been my Naturopath for over 10 years.  I have sought help from her in many forms; muscular, internal health, hormonal and emotional.  Janelle has used a variety of modalities to treat my ailments; massage, homeopathy, herbal, dietary and flower essence, which displays her ever expanding wealth of knowledge and versatility.  I found her only to prescribe as needed, as well as giving me alternative options depending on my budget and/or preferences.  Most recently, I left the workforce to pursue an education and a different career direction.  I suffered stress and anxiety during exam periods, like any other student, but it continued to build up to the point that I worried too much over minor things.  Before long, I started noticing my body and my mind deteriorating – less energy, terrible sleeping patterns, continual worry, negative thoughts.  I woke up stressed and it would wear me down throughout each and every day!  Janelle prescribed a herb mixture, which I took daily and within a week, my housemate and I noticed a change.  I had relaxed and could think more clearly.  I was able to sleep, focus at uni and do quality research for assignments instead of scrambling haphazardly.  It probably took a good 2-3 weeks to see a major change in my disposition.  I have a tendency to stress over things but I have remained quite relaxed.  I would not hesitate to contact Janelle for another herb mixture if my stress returns and would recommend her to anyone; no matter what your ailment is”.

– Elissa


“I have recently had the opportunity to complete the 6wk weight loss plan.

I had gradually put on weight during 3 pregnancies and was struggling to get it off. I wanted to avoid radical diets but I was at my wits end! Then I came across Restore Natural Health and read about the 6wk weight loss plan……thank goodness!

I met with Janelle who designed an eating plan specifically for my needs. The information and guidelines she gave were easy to understand and follow. Janelle’s support didn’t end there. We also looked into the issues that were possibly hindering my weight loss and some other issues I had occurring. Janelle prescribed 2 herbal mixtures for me to take to assist me in achieving my goals.

A 6wk story shortened: I have lost both kg’s and centimetres; I have completely changed my eating habits and don’t crave the rubbish food I was before; I have ditched bad habits like Pepsi max and coffee (which I thought I could never do); I am exercising 30mins to an 1hr on most days (by choice) and cannot believe how much better I feel! 

The support I received during the 6wk program was 2nd to none and I would not hesitate to recommend the program to anyone. It isn’t just a weight loss program it’s a lifestyle change for the better!!

Thank you Restore Natural Health :)”

– Helen