Getting told everything is ok but you have symptoms and don’t feel ok? It could be in the glands…

Sometimes there’s a run of conditions I see in clinic, and others are just consistently showing up. The thyroid is one of those consistent ones that keeps popping in very regularly and it’s a little misunderstood, so let’s quickly talk thyroid…

  • You need it for your metabolism function (which means every single cell in your body needs proper thyroid function)
  • It helps make energy
  • It manages digestion
  • Helps with fertility
  • AND so many more things (because it controls metabolism)

If your thyroid is not functioning properly it can be under or over functioning (working too fast or too slow).

I’m going to talk Hypothyroid (under functioning)
What symptoms might you have?
➡️ Weight gain
➡️ hair falling out
➡️ poor concentration and memory
➡️ brain fog
➡️ digestive issues – constipation, bloating, heartburn
➡️ tiredness
➡️ mixing up words
➡️ hair growing in places it shouldn’t
➡️ thinning eyebrows – particularly on the outer 1/3 of your eyebrow
➡️ dry skin and hair
➡️ brittle nails
➡️ joint pain
➡️ conception issues
➡️ tingling limbs
➡️ swelling
➡️ poor circulation
➡️ poor appetite
➡️ high cholesterol
➡️ period problems
➡️ vision problems
➡️ low body temperature
➡️ headaches
AND MORE… Yep that’s a long list! So if you have 3 or more of these symptoms, chances are you have a thyroid disorder.

Been tested via bloods and told your tests are ‘normal’?
Unless you have had the comprehensive blood testing done (which is almost never done) it is inconclusive, not normal! Symptomatic means there’s a problem.

The standard blood test done is TSH, which is not an accurate representation of the full picture. A comprehensive test is available, however not covered under medicare. GP’s are generally reluctant to do this test, however when I do it with clients we often find that in fact the thyroid isn’t functioning correctly and causing all your symptoms.

Getting the correct testing done is VERY important – this includes if you are diagnosed and on medication but you still have symptoms. We take medication to GET RID of our symptoms so if you still have symptoms your medication isn’t working effectively.

There are many nutrients that are required for proper thyroid function and some of the main ones are commonly deficient in our diet.

2 of the most common nutrients are iodine and selenium. Both of these are deficient in Australian soils, so even eating a balanced diet it can sometimes still be missed.

Where do we get these from?

Iodine – seafood, seaweeds, eggs, iodised salt (such as celtic sea salt)

Selenium – Brazil nuts (4 per day gives you your RDI), tuna, oysters, prawns, pork, beef

If you have 3 or more of the above symptoms I highly encourage you to get comprehensive testing done to properly assess your thyroid function, because even just a small variation can make a big difference to how you feel.